Roofing Contractors: 5 Common Roofing Mistakes

roofing contractors

When you are undertaking roof installation you need to do it right for you to get the most from it. Unfortunately, roofing contractors report that many people make plenty of roofing mistakes that not only lead to wastage of roofing materials, it also puts your life and that of your loved ones at risk. The most common mistakes include:

Reusing the old flashing

The flashing is the main fixture of the roof that prevents moisture from getting into the critical areas of the house such as the chimney and air vents. Some unprofessional roofers try to cut corners and reuse the old flashing which they would have replaced.

As you might have guessed, when you reuse the old flashing, you have high chances of moisture getting into the house and destroying the house parts.

Unless you recently installed new flashing, you should always remove the old flashing and install a new one.

Incorrectly installing the starter shingles

Starter shingles are the shingles that you install at the beginning of your project. Many first time do-it-yourselfers make the mistake of incorrectly installing the starter shingles. In addition to the improper installation giving your roof the wrong look, it also puts the roof at the risk of coming down after just a short time.

Do you want your roof to look good for a long time? You should properly install the starter shingles. The best way of going about it is laying down the starter section along the eaves. If you don’t do this, water is bound to invade the sheathing under the bottom shingle’s cutouts. This leads to ice dams, leaks, ruined shingles, and damage.

If you don’t have the necessary installation skills, you should hire a professional roofer to help you out. You should never attempt to install the roof if you have never done it before.

Incorrectly nailing the shingles

For the shingles to stick to the roof, you need to nail them. In the event, you don’t nail them at the right location or you use too few nails, the shingles are bound to slip and even shift around.

In most cases, people make nailing mistakes when they are in a hurry to get the work done. They also make a mistake when they haven’t done the work before.

For you to properly put the shingles in their right place, you need to use at least four nails per shingle, if the slope isn’t too steep.

When nailing, place the nails through the nailing strip. They shouldn’t get into contact with the self-sealing portion of the shingle. In the event this happens, it can lead to leaks and even roof failure.

Covering shingles instead of replacing them

You might have heard that you don’t have to remove the shingles when you are looking to install new ones. There is nothing that is as wrong as this. When you install new shingles on top of the old ones, you make the roof too heavy, which puts the house at the risk of coming down.

When there are major problems with your roof, you should remove all the shingles then install new ones. In addition to the roof being too heavy, it also tends to have too many areas where moisture, dirt, and mold can collect. Covering the old shingles has also been found to reduce the lifespan of the roof, leading to more problems over time.

Having incorrect overhang

A properly done shingles overhang gives the house an aesthetic appeal, but when it’s improperly done, it leads to a lot of problems. For example, if improperly done, wind tends to get under the shingles, leading to roof damage.

Just like when you are installing the starter shingles, if you have never done it before, let experienced roofing companies Greenwich CT handle the design and installation of the overhang. You should note that the overhang you install is dependent on the area you live and the design of your house.

You should have a discussion beforehand with your contractors and agree on the right overhang for your house. Remember, the overhang should also be beautiful to look at.

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Roofing Contractors: 5 Things You Should Know When Roofing

roofing contractors

Are you constructing a new house and looking to install a new roof? There are plenty of things you should know about the roof as given by roofing contractors. Here are some of these things:

The roof won’t last forever

Roof installation doesn’t come cheap; therefore, when many people install it, they think that it will last forever. This is wishful thinking. While different materials have different lifespans, it will come a time when you will have to remove your current roof and install a new one.

Although it will come a time when you will have to remove the current roof, there are a number of things you can do to extend its life. One of these things is inspecting it regularly for any defects. If the defects are present, you should fix them before they get worse. You can do the inspection by yourself or hire an expert to help you out.

Another thing you can do is to clean the roof. At least once a month, go up the roof and remove the dirt that might be there. This also aids in getting rid of harmful bacteria that might be easting up your shingles. Again, you can do the cleaning by yourself if you have confidence in your skills, or hire an expert to help you out.

You shouldn’t install the roof by yourself

Some people have the installation skills; therefore, they go ahead and professionally install the roofs by themselves, but you shouldn’t attempt doing this if you haven’t done it before.

While it might seem easy, roof installation is quit complex and you might end up damaging your materials if you try installing it by yourself even with basic skills.

For you to properly install the roof, you should hire a roofing expert who will help you with not only the installation, but also with the selection of the right roofing materials.

Since the contractor will have the necessary roofing tools, he/she will be able to install the roof fast and correctly. For you to choose the right expert, you should take your time. You should interview a number of contractors and only consider working with the best.

Leaks mean trouble

You will definitely come across situations when the roof will develop leaks. When you notice leaks, you should worry as it means trouble to your roof. In most cases, it means that the roof is coming apart.

When you notice leakages, you should contact a professional immediately who will inspect the roof and fix the problematic areas.

Roof repair isn’t always the best option

When the roof starts leaking and developing other problems, many people have the notion that all they need to do is to repair it. While this is good as it often tends to be cheap, it should not be your go-to solution.

Before you make the decision whether to repair or replace the roof, you need to think about the age of the roof. If the roof is more than 10 years old, you will be better off replacing it than repairing it as it will start developing problems after just a short time.

You also should think about the nature of the materials that you have used in your roofing. Are they long lasting? If they aren’t, it’s time that you start thinking about replacing the roof.

While replacing the roof will be expensive at the start, it will save you a lot of money in the long run as you won’t have to keep on hiring roofing repair contractors every now and then to fix it.

Avoid re-roofing over the existing shingles

You must have read that you can get away with covering the broken or cracked shingles with new pieces. While you can do this successfully, you might be doing more harm than good. According to roof repair services Greenwich CT experts, instead of fixing the roof, you might be creating new holes that will be problematic to fix in the future.

Adding a new layer of shingles also tends to make the roof too heavy. If your house doesn’t have a strong foundation, it might come down.

When the roof starts developing problems, you should simply remove the problematic shingles and install new ones.

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Slate Roofers: 7 Types Of Slate Roofs

slate roofers

The slate roof is loved by many people as it’s eco-friendly, durable, and when you properly install it, it greatly improves the appeal of the house. According to slate roofers, there are plenty of slate roof styles that you can go with. The most common ones being:

Standard slate roof

It’s the most common slate design that is made up of ¼”-3/8” slate length and width. The roof also has square cut butts. During the installation, the contractor lays the roof uniformly on spaced horizontal courses that have alternating vertical joints that are carefully aligned.

This roof is ideal for you when you are looking to create a more organized, clean, and clutter-free exterior design. For ideal results, ensure that the slates are installed by an expert.

Graduated slate roof

This is a traditional style of roof slating that is originally in the UK, Scotland, and Wales. In this style, the slates vary in both length and width, with the larger slates being closer to the eaves while the smaller slates being closer to the top of the roof.

According to roofing experts, this design comes about when the quarries produced slates on an available basis. They didn’t make the pieces in specific sizes. During this time, the roofer had to sort the slates by hand when they arrived at the work site.

When you install the longest and widest slates at the eaves, you are able to effectively divert the water away from your home. A properly constructed graduated slate roof shouldn’t show an obvious disconnect between the different sizes of slates.

Patterned slate roofs

A patterned slate roof incorporates a specific design or course that has a wide range of colors and shapes in the main design of the slate roof. The most important thing when you are creating this roof is creativity.

For a great look, you should incorporate geometric patterns, names, words floral patterns, and any other features that make the roof attractive.

Random width slate roof

A random width slate roof provides more texture and less uniformity than a standard slate roof. While the two roofs share a number of attributes, the random width slate roofs are often cut to one length while their thicknesses vary.

The slate tiles are often set in courses, where the local roofer inserts two slates on top of each other, creating an attractive textual effect. When you drop the lower slate and raise the slate at the top, you create a thicker texture and a staggering of exposed butts.

When you properly install this roof, you add style and sophistication to your home.

Textural slate roof

Here no slates go to waste. You use slates that have a rougher texture and thicknesses. You mix these slates, making a roof that stands out from the crowd. The effects of doing this is that you have a roof that has a rougher appearance. The roof might be appealing to some people but not to others.

You can install slates of a single size, random width, uniform color, multicolor, or graduated length.

Mixed color roof

From its name, this is a roof where you mix and match different slates of different colors. You mix the colors, giving your roof any color that you want. Here again, you need to be very creative for you to create a look that is pleasing to the eye.

Local roofers recommend this style of roofing when you are looking to make your home stand out.

Hang-down slate roof

Here you randomly install the longer slate tiles with the top laying in the same course line or higher while the additional length sticking out past the bottom of the other slates. As you might guess, this creates a hand down appearance.

You need to be cautious when installing this type of roof so that you don’t overdo it. As a rule of thumb, ensure that you hire expert roofing companies Riverside CT to help you out with it.

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Roof Repair Contractors: Why You Shouldn’t Install New Roof Over Old One


roof repair contractors

According to roof repair contractors, installing new shingles over the old ones comes with its benefits:

  • Saves you time
  • Saves you the laborious roof removal step
  • Saves you money

While this is the case, you should avoid installing the new roof over the old one. This is due to the many dangers that come with it. These dangers include:

They don’t do a good job at bridging over gaps

One thing you should know is that shingles are designed for flat surfaces. When the roofers are placing the new pieces over the old ones they have problems as they are unable to maintain the same step-ups between the courses.

If the old shingles are cupped, curled or have any other issues, the defects tend to translate through to the new layer.

For you to prevent this from coming about, many roofers recommend that you use laminated or dimensional shingles for re-roofs. This is because they tend to be thicker than the standard shingles. They also tend to have a staggered edge profile that comes in handy at hiding dips or high spots in the old roofing.

You can’t undertake proper roof inspection

Before you install the new roof, it’s recommended that you thoroughly inspect the roof for any imperfections that might be there and fix them. Since you don’t remove the old roof, you are unable to properly inspect the roof.

The few good roofers perform a careful “walking” inspection for the spongy areas and other problems that the roof might be having. They go ahead and make localized repairs before they re-roof.

The not-so-good roofers, on the other hand, don’t give attention to the roof. They simply install the new roof which is dangerous as the roof might come down any time.

You can’t replace the building paper

The building paper that is laid between the roof sheathing and shingles prevents water from getting under the shingles. When the paper gets old and deteriorated, it can’t protect the roof deck from the water. For you to inspect the paper and replace it if having issues, you have to remove the old shingles.

When you are placing the new shingles over the old ones, you can’t do this. This means that you can’t replace the underlayment even if it’s damaged. This puts your roof at a disadvantage.

It’s expensive

In the short term, placing the new roof over the old one may seem cheap and convenient but in real sense, it’s expensive in the long run. Since you aren’t fixing the problems that are already there, the problems get worse over time, which can be expensive to fix in the future.

You tend to add a lot of weight

Roofing shingles are heavy. When you add two layers of it you make the roof too heavy. If the house didn’t have a strong foundation, it will most likely come down.

For you to prevent accidents as you are placing the new shingles, you should ask a professional to inspect the house’s foundation and give a recommendation as to whether the foundation can handle the extra weight.

If the house isn’t strong enough, you should avoid risking it and remove the old roof entirely before you place the new one.

You always have warranty issues

Most companies give warranties on their shingles, but when you install the new pieces over the old ones, you always run into problems with the companies. This is because the pieces aren’t designed to be installed the way you are installing them.

For you to avoid miscommunication, later on, you should check with the roofing material manufacturers about the requirements. You also should address any warranty concerns you might be having.

The local codes might not allow it

Sometimes your house’s foundation might be able to take the extra weight and the roofing companies might not have problems with you installing two layers of shingles, but the local codes might not allow it.

In most cases, areas that experience heavy hailstorms don’t allow two layers as the practice tends to put you and your family at great risk.

It’s obvious that installing two layers of roofing materials isn’t a wise move. However, if you feel that it’s the right choice for you, you should go ahead and do it. You only need to ensure that the roofing is done by expert roof repair companies Greenwich.

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Roof Repair Services: 5 Things You Shouldn’t Do To Your Roof

roofing contractors

It’s your responsibility as a homeowner to take care of your roof. This calls for you to do certain things and avoid others. To help you out, here are some of the things you should avoid doing to your roof as given by roof repair services providers:

Allowing mildew and mold to grow on the roof surface

If you live in cold areas, it’s common for mold and mildew to develop on the roof. In most cases, many homeowners ignore the impact of mildew, but you shouldn’t. In addition to being unsightly, algae and mold compromise the integrity of the roof which can cause a lot of damage.

For you to keep the roof in top condition you should get rid of all signs of fungi and microbes as soon as you notice them. You can do the work by yourself if you have the skills, but if you don’t like getting your hands dirty, let a professional roofer help you out.

Hanging a basketball hoop on the roof

I’m sure you have visited some homes and found the basketball hoop on the roof. While it might seem badass, it’s harmful to the roof. The hoop causes vibrations that cause the bolts to break the seal of the roof. When you continue using the hoop, in no time you have broken seals and leaks. As you might guess, this leads to a very uncomfortable house.

Regardless of how much you love basketball, you should avoid hanging the hoop on the roof. The best way out is erecting a pole where you place the hoop.

Power washing the roof

You might have heard that the best way of cleaning the roof is by power washing it. While this might be true, it often leads to damage to the roof. When you power wash the roof, you get rid of stains and algae that might be there.

Unfortunately, it also leads to the removal of mineral granules that protect the shingles from sun, impact, heat, and fire.

When you remove these granules, you lessen the lifespan of the roof. Do you want to extend the life of the roof? You should avoid power washing it.

If there are stains on the roof, you should contact a repair professional who will help you with the cleaning. In addition to the professionals helping you with the cleaning, they also protect the roof as they don’t use harmful machines or abrasive cleaners.

For you to get from the contractors, ensure that they have a reputable record.

Ignoring debris in the valleys

It’s common for branches, leaves, seeds, and other materials to pile up in the valleys of the roof. In addition to the materials being ugly to look at, they tend to cause water dams and leakages in the house.

When there are debris materials on the roof, you should get rid of them as soon as you notice them. The cool thing is that you don’t need to hire a professional to help you with the removal. You can simply do it by yourself. The only thing you need to do is to be cautious that you don’t fall off the roof.

Walking on the roof

The roof is tough, right? Wrong. Most roofs are made from tough materials, but this doesn’t mean that you can walk on them. In addition to putting your life in danger when you walk on the roof, you also risk breaking the roofing materials.

Roofing experts have also reported that walking on the roof rubs the granules off of the shingles. The fewer the granules on the roof, the less protected the roof is, hence the lesser its lifespan is.

When you are having a problem with the roof, you should avoid going up there by yourself, especially if you have never done it before. The best way out is to hire local roofers Riverside CT to help you with the inspection of the roof and fixing of the problematic areas.

The roofers are highly experienced at fixing the problems hence they will professionally fix the problem. They also will be cautious when working so that they don’t damage the roof. To protect yourself, ensure that the roofers are insured.

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Roofing Contractors: Common Causes Of Roofing Problems

roofing contractors

Just like any other part of the house, the roof develops problems. According to roofing contractors, the problems come about due to many factors. The most common ones being:

Poor roof maintenance

Since the roof is out of the house, it’s the last thing that homeowners think about, unless there is a problem. When you go for a long time without inspecting the roof, it’s bound to develop a wide range of problems such as leaks and many others.

For you to prevent this problem from coming about in the future, you should make it a habit of inspecting the roof regularly. You should perform a routine visual inspection of the roof once or twice a year, especially after a large storm.

When inspecting the roof, be on the lookout for ponding water. You also should be on the lookout for cracked, missing, or broken shingles, and tiles. You also should pay attention to rusted, dented, or even missing flashing.

Some of the roof damages are hidden. The most common one is peeling paint on the roof overhands, mold, and sagging ceiling.

If you notice a problem, regardless of how minor, you should fix it immediately.

Storm damage

Your roof will also develop problems when it’s damaged by storms. If you live in areas that experience bad weather, the wind lifts and impacts can greatly cause damage to the roof.

You should note that the roof is more likely to develop problems when it’s improperly installed; therefore, if you are looking to keep your roof in top shape despite living in stormy areas, you should ensure that your roof is installed by experts.

You can also prevent wind lifts by undertaking proper roof inspections. The wind rifts are bound to come about due to degraded or improperly attached flashing. During the inspection, you will be able to pick out the improperly fixed flashing hence protecting your roof from the storm damage.

During the inspection, you will also identify poorly attached adhesive or nails.

The roof is old

How old is your roof? Different materials have a different lifespan. The reason you might be having issues with your roof is that the roof is too old. You should research and determine how long your roof is supposed to last. If it has exceeded its lifespan, you should start thinking about replacing it.

Tell-tale signs of an old roof are frequent leaks. If you have to hire a roofing expert every now and then to fix the roof, the roof is most likely old and its time you started thinking about installing a new one.

The roof was poorly installed

You might be living in a storm-free area, the roof might be new, but it might be developing problems. If this is the situation that you are going through, chances are that the roof is improperly installed.

When you hire a cheap contractor, the contractor will most likely be new in the industry and inexperienced. Due to this, they are less likely to professionally install the roof. As you might have guessed, the roof begins to leak, the flashing falls off, among many other things.

For you to ensure that the roof lasts for a long time, you should ensure that it’s installed by professional roofers Riverside. While the experts will charge you more, you will have a great service which ensures that the roof lasts for a long time.

A roof that is professionally installed also tends to look better for a long time. For you to ensure that you are hiring the right professional, you need to undertake some interviews. As rule of thumb, you should hire the most experienced.

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Roofing Contractors: 4 Roofing Options To Choose From

Are you thinking about roofing your house? According to roofing contractors, there are plenty of roofing options that you can go with. The most common ones being:

Metal Roof

A metal roof gives you the classic look of shingle roofing, while giving you the strength and longevity that you can expect from metal. Metal shingles come in many different colors for you to choose from. As rule of thumb, you should choose shingles that complement the design of your house.

Since the roof is tough, it’s ideal for installation in areas with inclement weather. In addition to the pieces providing you with better wind resistance, they also provide you with fire resistance, as they are non-combustible.

Metal roofs also don’t rot or crack and they are designed to be rust resistant.

Many people shy away from installing the pieces as they feel that they will increase their cooling costs. This might be the case if you don’t install proper insulation, but when you do it, during summer, they save up to 20% over asphalt shingles.

During the cold months of the year, the pieces reduce snow and ice buildup by reflecting the sun’s heat.

While they may appear tough, metal roofs are easy to maintain. After installing them, the only thing you need to keep them in top shape is to hose off the dirt or debris every now and then.

Metal roofs are great. Their only downfall is that they are expensive. When you are thinking about installing them, you should expect to pay between 7 and 9 dollars per square foot.

Clay Tiles

They have a unique intrinsic beauty and they are extremely durable, where they tend to outlast every other part of the house.  The tiles are molded in barrel shapes that make them easy to install using the interlocking system.

While they are great, their major downfall is their weight. The tiles are very heavy; therefore, you should have a strong foundation so that your house doesn’t crumble.

It’s true that the tiles are durable, but they are also brittle; therefore, you should avoid walking on them.

Slate roof

The slate roof has been around for decades. If you are looking for a tough, sound rock roof, this is the way to go. While the material is difficult and costly to install, the natural slate look gives it the character that you can’t find it in other roofing materials.

It comes in many colors for you to choose from. The material is also non-combustible, waterproof, and requires little maintenance to keep it in top condition.

Just like when installing the clay tiles, when you are looking to install a slate roof, you need to consider having a strong foundation. This is because the pieces are heavy. When you properly install the units, they can last for up to 150 years.

Standing seam

This is a roofing type that is increasingly becoming popular especially in areas that are prone to wildfires. The roof is made from large steel panels that are laid on the roof deck with the seams overlapping in raised ridges that run vertically along the roof slope.

The most common metal used in the construction is steel or aluminum but you can also use copper or zinc.

In addition to the roof being resistant to fires, it’s also resistant to snow and rust. It also doesn’t crack or rot. Since the roof reflects the heat of the sun, it substantially reduces the cooling costs during summer.

Roofing companies Greenwich CT report that this feature also makes it possible for them to melt ice dams during winter. As a result, you save a lot of energy all year round.

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Roofing Repair: 5 Things You Should Know About The Roof

Have you just installed a new roof or moved into a new house? There are a number of things you should know about it. Here are some of these things as given by roofing repair professionals:

You shouldn’t install a new roof over the old one

Many people will notice a leak on the roof. Instead of removing the damaged shingles, they install the new shingles over the old ones. This is wrong. This is because the nails you use on the new shingles end up damaging the old shingles causing more leaks than were originally there.

Do you want to keep your roof in top condition? When you notice an issue, regardless of how minor, you should remove the old shingles and install new ones. You can do the work by yourself if you have the skills but if you have never done it before, hire a professional to help you out.

The right way of doing it is completely removing the damaged part of the roof, and install a completely new roof. While this might be expensive, it will be worth it as you will end up with a fully functional roof,

A new roof isn’t problem free

If you ask many people, they will tell you that a new roof is as good as a new car—it doesn’t have problems. There is nothing that is further from the truth than this. While new car can go for a long time without much problems, it’s not the same thing with the roof.

The roof installation professional might have installed it incorrectly which might lead to problems. In fact, experts report that new roofs are more prone to problems than older ones.

For peace of mind, you should make a habit of inspecting the roof regularly, regardless of its age. At least once every few months, go up there and see if there are any damaged shingles, missing shingles, or any other problems. If you notice a problem, you should fix the roof immediately.

More insulation isn’t always better

Insulation is a good thing as it prevents your home from consuming a lot of energy, but this doesn’t mean that you should install as much insulation as you can. You should note that the more insulation you install, the more problems you create in your roof.

A lot of insulation prevents adequate ventilation through the attic. When there is a lot of stagnant air, mold is bound to grow which not only gives your home a stale smell, it also makes your roof deteriorate rapidly.

Even if you are looking to keep your house energy efficient, you shouldn’t go over the board with the amount of insulation that you install. As rule of thumb, only use minimal amount of insulation that is enough to keep your house functioning optimally.

Leaks aren’t the only signs of trouble

Roofing contractors advise home owners to pay attention to leaks as they are a sign of a damaged roof. While this is true, it doesn’t mean lack of leaks means no problems with the roof. Your roof might be having a huge problem but it’s not leaking.

If you have gone through a number of harsh winters and summers without a leak, it doesn’t mean that your roof is intact. The weather elements might have damaged the shingles and the issue might come up later which will be a surprise.

Regardless of whether your roof is leaking or not, you should make a habit of going up on the roof every few months to inspect it for any issues it might be having. Tough weather elements might have damaged the shingles around the vents, flashing, and other parts. If it has a problem, regardless of how minor, fix it immediately.

The pressure washer isn’t the right tool for roof cleaning

During spring, rain and moisture can lead to mold growth on the roof. For you to prevent it from happening, it’s wise that you clean the roof.  When doing it, you should avoid using a pressure washer. While the tool might be effective at cleaning other surfaces, it often leads to damage to the delicate parts of the roof.

Roof repair contractors Riverside CT observe that the high pressure can even blow up some of the shingles. Instead of the pressure washer, use the regular hose with a high pressure nozzle to get the work done


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5 Tips To Consider When Undertaking Roof Repair

roof repair

Are you a new homeowner? Here are a few things you should know about the roof as given by roof repair experts:

Never re-roof over existing shingles

When many people are having issues with their roofs such as a crack on the roof, they nail a few new shingles to the roof in order to cover the hole. This is wrong.

While you might have sealed the crack, the solution might not be permanent. This is because the nails you used on the new shingles might create even larger holes than they were there previously.

You should note that even if you might have a reprieve, it will be short lived. A permanent solution to the issue is to replace the old shingles with new ones. If you have never handled a roofing project before you should hire a roofing professional to help you out.

The expert should remove all of the affected shingles and install completely new ones.

Some people go to the extent of installing new shingles over the old over a large area. This causes a lot of problems. You should note that the house is designed to carry particular weight. This means that when you install a new roof over the old one, you will be forcing the house to carry more weight than it can.

What is the end result of this? The house comes tumbling down. This puts you and your family at great risk. You also incur huge loses as you have to construct a new house from scratch. For you to protect yourself and save money, don’t install a new roof over the old one.

Don’t go for cheap roof repairs

Everyone wants a good bargain. Due to this, many people go for cheap materials so that they can save some money. Don’t do this. Just like any other thing, when you use cheap materials, you get cheap results.

When you are having issues with your roof, you should use high-quality repair materials. The same thing applies to the contractors. Hire experienced contractors to help you out.

When you use low-quality materials in your work, it’s only a matter of time before they come apart and you have to re-roof the roof—which will end up being too expensive on your part.

Be cautious of warning signs

When the roof is at the brink of coming apart, it will give you signs that you should always keep an eye on. One of the things you should watch out for is water stains. Water stains are a sign of leaks and a properly functioning roof should never be leaking.

When you see a water stain, regardless of how minor, you should contact a roofing contractor and ask them to inspect the roof and fix the problematic area.

Ventilate the roof

The roof needs to breathe. This means that you should have enough ventilation to let warm air escape so that you can have a healthy roof that will last for a long time.

When you are installing the roof, you should work with a contractor who will help you make the right calculations that will ensure that your roof is as properly ventilated as possible.

Take time to fix the damaged shingles

What do most homeowners do when they notice issues with their roofs? They panic and rush to fix their roofs.  Don’t do this. You should take your time to identify the exact problematic you are having. Don’t hurry to climb up the roof and nail down the problematic shingles.

When you notice a problem with your roof, the first thing you should do is to inspect the roof for any problems it might be having. If you have the skills you can do it but if you have never done it before, hire reputable roof repair companies Old Greenwich CT to help you out.

After identifying the problem and knowing how to fix it, your next step should be to find high-quality roof repair materials. As mentioned above, you shouldn’t use low-quality pieces as they will come apart after a few months ending up costing you a lot of money to keep on repairing them.

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Roofing Contractors: Common Roofing Myths You Should Know About

roofing contractors

Roofing contractors observe that there are plenty of myths surrounding roofing. Read about these myths and what you can do about them:

You can go ahead and cover an existing layer of shingles with a new layer

Although, many building codes say that you can go ahead and do it, you should avoid doing it. This is because when you do it, you tend to make the roof too heavy and the building might come crumbling down.

If your house’s foundation doesn’t allow a lot of weight, you will definitely damage it. When you cover the roof shingles you also tend to make them rot fast which not only puts your roof at the risk of coming down, it also gives your home a bad smell.

What is the way forward? The best way of going about it is removing the old roof and installing a new one. It’s common to come across some contractors that might recommend that you install the new roof on top of the old one. You should know that these aren’t on your side and you should avoid working with them at all costs.

All asphalt shingles are the same

While the shingles are made from the same basic materials, it doesn’t mean that they are the same. Depending on where you buy them, they come in many different designs and have different features for you to choose from.

The cool thing is that while they are different and ideal for different applications, they are designed to resist rain, mold, and rain. Most of them come with lifetime warranties; therefore, you can have peace of mind that they will last for a long time.

The roof will last forever

Due to its cost, many people have the impression that the roof will last forever. This is completely untrue. Just like any other material, the roof also suffers from wear and tear thus it degrades over time.

In most cases, roofs last between 50-150 years. While you can use one roof for the better part of your life, it will come a time when you will have to replace it.

The cool thing is that you can extend the life of the roof by taking good care of it. This calls for you to clean it regularly. You also should repair the faulty areas as soon as notice them. For you to get the most from it, ensure that the repair is done by an experienced professional.

It’s always cheaper to repair a roof than to replace it

You will absolutely save money fixing a few faulty shingles but if the entire roof is coming down, you will be better off replacing it as you will have to keep on repairing it, which as you might have guessed, will translate to a large roofing bill.

For you to decide whether to repair or replace, you need to consider a number of factors. One of the factors to consider is the extent of damage. If the roof is extremely damaged, you will be better off replacing the roof, but it has a minor damage, repairing it will be more sensible.

You also need to consider the age of the roof. How long have you had it? If you have been having it for decades and you have noticed that its constantly developing problems, you are better off replacing the roof as it will cost you more to keep on repairing it.

Roofing warranty covers all types of problems

This isn’t the case as some warranties only apply to normal conditions when you have a properly maintained roof. This means that if you don’t take good care of your roof, the warranty will most likely be voided.

You have to replace the flashing when you replace the roof

If the flashing is in bad shape you can go ahead and replace it, but if it’s still in good shape, you don’t have to. You should note that the flashing is completely separate from the roof and simply because you need to replace the roof, it doesn’t mean you have to replace the flashing.

When you hire roofing companies Greenwich to help you with the roof replacement, they should inspect the condition of the flashing and replace it only if it’s necessary.

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