Are Slate Roofs Better Than Tiles? Roofing Contractors Answer It

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When you are looking to install a new roof, in addition to having many choices of roofing contractors, you also have plenty of roofing materials to choose from. Two of the most common materials are tiles and slate, so you will often hear homeowners asking, are slate roofs better than tiles? And vice versa.

Before we can make the decision, we need to understand each of the materials individually.

Slate roof

Natural roofing slate is considered one of the best quality roofing materials that you can go for. It’s formed underground by intense heat and pressure, which makes it extremely durable. When installed correctly, it can last for up to a century protecting your home against water and external elements.

The density of the roof comes in handy at maintaining the home’s temperature, preventing energy loss, and saving you a lot of money on energy bills. Natural slate is also fireproof and often unaffected by pests and rot.

When it develops problems, it can easily be repaired by a professional roofer. When it comes to installation, you install it flat against the roof pitch, but you can also layer it, giving the house a textured look.

The roof comes in plenty of shades, including grey and other natural colors.

While the material has plenty of benefits, it also has its fair share of negatives. Since its heavy, you can’t use it on your house unless the house has strong structural support. If you hadn’t planned for it from the beginning, you have to add additional structural support, which can quickly shoot up your installation costs.


Tiles come in concrete and clay versions. The roofing tiles come in a wide variety of designs and colors. High quality and properly installed tiles provide almost similar durability as the one provided by slates. Many homeowners go for concrete tiles as they are weatherproof and able to withstand severe weather conditions.

When it comes to usage, you use clay tiles instead of concrete tiles when you need to outline finer roof additions such as skylights and chimneys. You also prefer the clay tiles when the house’s structural support isn’t available and can’t be installed to withstand the weight of the tiles.

Standard roofing tiles are cheaper than the slate tiles, especially if you have to add additional structural support to the house.

The main flaw of using tiles is you need to give them more attention, where you have to regularly clean them to get rid of moss and algae.

Are slate roofs better than tiles?

I would say yes, slate roofs are better than tiles. The slate shingles are made from natural stone that provides unparalleled durability and timeless visual appeal. When properly installed by a professional, a slate roof can last for up to a century or more, with little maintenance.

For peace of mind and avoid problems in the future, take time to find a reputable contractor to install the slate roof. This way, you will have a roof you will be proud of for years.

The biggest hurdle

The biggest challenge homeowners have when installing the roof is the weight of the material. Before you install the slate, take time to have your home assessed by an experienced professional to ensure that the house’s structure can support the weight of the material.

Slate is heavy, and sometimes if you hadn’t planned on installing it from the get-go, your house might need some structural modifications to support the extra weight, which can significantly add to the cost.

To be on the safe side, first, consult with an experienced roofing contractor and structural engineer.

During the installation, ensure no one steps or walks on the slate. Remember that the durability of the roof is dependent on the quality of installation, so if you want a great roof that you will be proud of for years, you should have it professionally installed.

Preserving your slate roof

To ensure that the roof lasts for as long as possible, have it inspected at least once a year. You can do the inspection or hire a slate roof repair Riverside professional to help you out. During the inspection, check for any broken or missing slate shingles. You also should pay attention to the flashings and gutters. Ensure everything is in tip-top shape.

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