Is Roof Painting a Good Idea? Roofing Contractors Give Their Input

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Is roof painting a good idea? Is a popular question among homeowners looking to paint their homes. As expert roofing contractors, we can confirm that roof painting is one of the best things you can do to your home. This is because it comes with plenty of benefits that include:

Keeps the building cooler

A house that has been properly painted tends to stay cooler. This is because the reflective and white coating of the roof does not absorb sun rays. Instead, it reflects the rays keeping the house cool.

The reflective feature ensures the building remains cool despite the outside being hot. If you live in a hot area, this saves you a lot of money you would have spent on an air conditioner.

Improves the overall look of the house

You will agree that a painted house looks much better than a plain one. Using paint, you not only give the house a new look, but it also gives it your desired style.

You prevent lichens and algae from growing on the roof.

When your roof is properly painted, no plant can grow on it. This goes a long way towards minimizing damage to the roof and avoiding leaks from happening. While you will have to spend money painting the roof, you end up saving a lot in the long run as you don’t have to keep on repairing it.

You make the house more valuable.

If you are in the business of selling a house, when you paint a roof, you significantly add its value. This is because it looks good to the potential buyer.

Painting extends the life of the roof.

Since there are minimal leaks and algae are less likely to feed on the roof, adding a coat of paint significantly adds to the life of the roof.

When your roof lasts for a long time, you go for long before replacing it.

It’s good for the environment.

Since the roof lasts for a long time and you don’t have to replace it more often, little goes to the landfill, which comes in handy at preserving the environment.

Roof painting has also been shown to reduce the carbon footprint since a painted roof uses less heat and air conditioning.

Allows the property to meet set standards

Depending on where you live, you have building codes on the standards every house should meet. Roof painting is one of the processes that can make your house meet the building codes in your area hence saving you fines and penalties from the relevant authorities.

Remember, for you to comply with the laid down rules, you have to ensure you paint the house properly.

Roof painting tips

Talking of complying with the code, you need to follow the right tips to paint the roof properly. Some of the tips to consider include:

Use the right paint

You can’t get ideal results from cheap paint, so always take time and get the right paint. The best paint is acrylic that comes with plenty of benefits such as resisting flaking, chalking, and cracking.

Properly prepare the surfaces before painting.

Paint won’t properly adhere to the surfaces if you haven’t properly prepared the surfaces. For best results, remove all the dirt and dust from the roof surface and smoothen it out by sanding any loose paint. Before you apply a coat, ensure the roof is clean and dry.

Paint the roof at the right months

Rain is the worst enemy when painting on the rooftop, so you want to paint the roof on the dry months, so the roof has enough time to dry out completely. Schedule your painting depending on the months of the year with the least rainfall.

Work with experts

Did you know you could be having the best paint, do the work at the right season, and still get bad results? This happens when you don’t hire the right roofing companies Riverside. For ideal results, take time to research and work with the right professionals. They will not only do a good job, but also recommend the best paint for your roof depending on the type of roof you and environment.

An ideal contractor should be licensed and authorized to serve in your area.

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