My Roof Is Leaking, What Should I Do? Roof Repair Experts Answer

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Roofs don’t talk so when they start leaking, they often catch homeowners by surprise so you will often hear them saying, my roof is leaking, what should I do? This is because most of them are not prepared for a roof leak.

A leak is usually the last thing they think about after spending an arm and a leg on their roofs.

Have you noticed a leak or you want to be prepared for when a leak comes about? Here are tips given by roof repair professionals on what you should do when you have a leak.

Minimize interior damage

You should note that by the time you are noticing a leak, water has been getting into the house for much longer. To minimize the damage to the interior of the house, move with haste and try minimizing damage.

Move furniture and other items in the house out of the way of the leak. If you can’t move the furniture, cover them with plastic sheets.

Contain the water

To catch the water, so it doesn’t cause any further damage, put a bucket or any other waterproof container beneath the leak.  Does water splash onto the floor when you place the bucket? Put an old T-shirt in the bottom of the bucket to absorb the splash.

You can also try pinning a string to the ceiling near the leak, so you give water a path into the bucket.

Is the paint bubbling? Chances are its holding water. To release the water, you should puncture the bubble.

If you have tried containing the water, but more water is still coming in, and you feel it might get out of your control, contact an emergency roof services provider.

When looking to hire the roofing contractor, ensure they are certified, experienced, and authorized to provide their services in your area.

Call your insurance agent.

If you have home insurance and you feel the damage incurred is substantial, you shouldn’t contact your insurance company and let them know about the damage. You should note that if the leak is minor and the damage minimal, it might not meet your home insurance deductable so you should not call the insurance company.

When you call the insurance company, they will advise you to find a roofing company to inspect the roof and give an estimate of the damage. The contractor should be registered by the relevant regulatory bodies for the insurance company to accept the estimate.

In addition to the contractor helping you come up with an estimate, they also will help you determine whether the leak is due to a roofing problem or any other issue.

Get the roof fixed

Once the leakage is under control, now is the time to get it fixed. Some of the tips to consider for you to properly fix the leak include:

Get quotes from different roofing companies. This way, you get to compare the quotes and settle on the one that gives you the most value for your money.

Before you start working with the contractor, ensure they are licensed, insured and have all the necessary permits to work in your home area.

To protect yourself, ask the contractor to give a guarantee for the work they do. This way, you can contact them if a leak comes about within the warranty period and you won’t pay extra money.

You should be ultra-cautious when hiring the repair companies as there are plenty of fly-by-night companies that might try to take advantage of you, especially when you are desperately looking to get your house fixed.

Prevent future leaks from coming about

Prevention is said to be better than cure, and there are plenty of things you can do to prevent your roof from getting damaged and leaking.

One of the things to do is to keep the gutters and downspouts clean at all times. When you go for long without cleaning the gutters, leaves, acorns, and other debris might cause clogs, giving the water a place to accumulate and start leaking into the house.

The other thing you should do is to regularly inspect the roof for any issues such as missing shingles, cracked chimney and others. You can do the inspection by yourself or hire roofers Riverside CT to help you out.

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