Roof Repair Contractors: Tile Roofing Pros And Cons

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With dozens of roofing materials in the market, it’s easy to get confused about the right material to go with when putting up a new house or improving your existing property. One of the popular options you can consider is tile roofing. Not sure whether you should give it a try? Here are tile roofing pros and cons as given by roof repair contractors:

Tile roofing pros

Traditionally made from fired clay or slate, tile roofs come with plenty of benefits:

They last for a long time.

When installed in the right climate, tile roofs can last over 100 years. This is made possible by their resistance to hail, fire, seismic, and their ability to withstand strong winds. Due to the long life of the roof, once you install it, you won’t reinstall it in your lifetime.

They come in an array of colors, designs, and styles.

The roofs give you plenty of options. You can choose light shades, ceramic tile roofs, black tile roofs, or even multi-colored roofs. It’s up to you to choose the ideal one for your home.

The tiles can be flat, wavy, or even round.

The different options mean you can install the roofs in buildings with different designs.

When choosing the roofs, it’s wise you consult an experienced contractor who will not only guide you on the tiles that will look good in your house, but those that will also last the longest in your environment.

The roofs are stunning.

The roofs have a luxurious appearance that is attributed to the natural sources of the mixtures and materials used when making tiles. The best sources are clay and iron oxide. The luxurious look of the roofs means they coordinate well with different house designs and it’s up to you to find the design that will look good with your home design.

They are environmentally friendly.

Tile roofs have plenty of features that make them environmentally friendly. First, they are made from earth minerals—not from chemicals that can harm the environment.

The roofs also have the lowest cycle expenses since they require little maintenance. When you remove them, you can pulverize and recycle them, which significantly reduces landfill.

Finally, the roofs reduce heat transfer to other roofing materials, which comes in handy at conserving the environment.

They are low maintenance.

Unless they break due to heavy impact, you don’t need to give attention to tile roofs. Leaks don’t happen, and they rarely require any roof repair.

Cons of tile roofs

Like the two sides to a coin, tile roofs have their negative sides that include:

High cost

Tile roofs are one of the most expensive materials in the market. This is due to the fact they are durable, the cost of purchasing tile materials is high, and it’s laborious to manufacture them. Installing the roofs is also expensive as you need to hire an experienced professional, and your roofer should be specially trained to install the type of roofing you are interested in.

When you are installing the roofs, you should note they don’t have a flat rate. The cost of the tiles depends on the size, type, color, and angle of the roof. To have an idea of the amount of money it will cost you to roof your house, consult a professional who will help you come up with a rough estimate.

Tiles are heavy

Tiles are heavier than asphalt shingles. In comparison, a tile roof weighs as much as 850 pounds per square for a clay tile and 950 pounds per square for a concrete tile. An asphalt shingle, on the other hand, will weigh between 225 and 325 pounds per square.

The weight of the roof puts your house at the risk of getting damaged if you aren’t keen during the installation. To avoid this, before you install the roof, thoroughly inspect your house and ensure your house’s foundation can carry the weight.

Tiles are hard to repair.

While they are long-lasting, they undergo wear and tear like other roofing materials. When they develop a leak or any other problem, they are often hard to repair. If you have to replace the damaged tiles, you have to seek specialized roof repair services Greenwich CT that don’t come cheap.

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