Roofing Contractors: 5 Common Roofing Mistakes

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When you are undertaking roof installation you need to do it right for you to get the most from it. Unfortunately, roofing contractors report that many people make plenty of roofing mistakes that not only lead to wastage of roofing materials, it also puts your life and that of your loved ones at risk. The most common mistakes include:

Reusing the old flashing

The flashing is the main fixture of the roof that prevents moisture from getting into the critical areas of the house such as the chimney and air vents. Some unprofessional roofers try to cut corners and reuse the old flashing which they would have replaced.

As you might have guessed, when you reuse the old flashing, you have high chances of moisture getting into the house and destroying the house parts.

Unless you recently installed new flashing, you should always remove the old flashing and install a new one.

Incorrectly installing the starter shingles

Starter shingles are the shingles that you install at the beginning of your project. Many first time do-it-yourselfers make the mistake of incorrectly installing the starter shingles. In addition to the improper installation giving your roof the wrong look, it also puts the roof at the risk of coming down after just a short time.

Do you want your roof to look good for a long time? You should properly install the starter shingles. The best way of going about it is laying down the starter section along the eaves. If you don’t do this, water is bound to invade the sheathing under the bottom shingle’s cutouts. This leads to ice dams, leaks, ruined shingles, and damage.

If you don’t have the necessary installation skills, you should hire a professional roofer to help you out. You should never attempt to install the roof if you have never done it before.

Incorrectly nailing the shingles

For the shingles to stick to the roof, you need to nail them. In the event, you don’t nail them at the right location or you use too few nails, the shingles are bound to slip and even shift around.

In most cases, people make nailing mistakes when they are in a hurry to get the work done. They also make a mistake when they haven’t done the work before.

For you to properly put the shingles in their right place, you need to use at least four nails per shingle, if the slope isn’t too steep.

When nailing, place the nails through the nailing strip. They shouldn’t get into contact with the self-sealing portion of the shingle. In the event this happens, it can lead to leaks and even roof failure.

Covering shingles instead of replacing them

You might have heard that you don’t have to remove the shingles when you are looking to install new ones. There is nothing that is as wrong as this. When you install new shingles on top of the old ones, you make the roof too heavy, which puts the house at the risk of coming down.

When there are major problems with your roof, you should remove all the shingles then install new ones. In addition to the roof being too heavy, it also tends to have too many areas where moisture, dirt, and mold can collect. Covering the old shingles has also been found to reduce the lifespan of the roof, leading to more problems over time.

Having incorrect overhang

A properly done shingles overhang gives the house an aesthetic appeal, but when it’s improperly done, it leads to a lot of problems. For example, if improperly done, wind tends to get under the shingles, leading to roof damage.

Just like when you are installing the starter shingles, if you have never done it before, let experienced roofing companies Greenwich CT handle the design and installation of the overhang. You should note that the overhang you install is dependent on the area you live and the design of your house.

You should have a discussion beforehand with your contractors and agree on the right overhang for your house. Remember, the overhang should also be beautiful to look at.

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