Roofing Contractors: Roof Care And Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

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For your roof to continue keeping out the bad weather, you need to take good care of it. Unfortunately, roofing contractors observe that many homeowners make plenty of roof maintenance mistakes that not only lead to roof damage, but also trigger the roof to crumble. Some of the most common mistakes homeowners make include:

Procrastinating on repairs

Homeowners will notice a leak on the roof, but since the leak is small, they ignore it and hope it will go away. While some of the leaks disappear on their own, sometimes they don’t, and they get worse. As you might guess, severe problems are expensive to fix as they sometimes require you to replace a section of the roof.

To avoid this, fix the problems as soon as you notice them. Hire an experienced contractor to find out the source of the leak and fix it.

Failing to clean the roof regularly

You might have the impression that a dirty roof isn’t a big deal. Unfortunately, when the dirt and debris builds up, it causes the roofing material to decay, which is risky for your family. The dirt and debris on the roof and gutters can clog the drainage system causing more problems.

To avoid clogs and have your roof for a long time, regularly clean out the roof. For ideal results, clean it at least once a year. Of course, you should do it more frequently if trees are growing near the house.

You can do the cleaning by yourself or hire an expert to help you out.

Allowing nearby trees to overgrow

Trees hanging over the house not only make your work more difficult as you have to keep on cleaning the roof, but they are also a threat to the structural integrity of the roof. The overhanging limbs also give wildfire easy access to the house.

If the branches are large, they can bruise the roofing materials as they move with the wind. Pointy and rough branches puncture the roof allowing rainwater to get in and reach the wooden decking boards.

To avoid all the flaws that come with letting the trees overgrow, cut them while they are still small. Again, you can do the work by yourself if you have the skills or let an expert handle it for you.

Covering the old shingles instead of removing them

Even with the best care, it’s common for the roof shingles to get old. When this happens, it’s recommended that you remove the old ones and replace them with new ones. To cut costs, some homeowners avoid removing the old shingles and instead cover them with the new ones.

This is wrong as you tend to make the house too heavy. If the house didn’t have a strong foundation, it eventually comes down.

Whether you are the one handling the project or you have hired a roofing expert, always first remove the old shingles before you install the new ones.

Ignoring the attic

Due to its proximity to the roof, the attic shows the early signs of leakages. Mold growth and dark streaks indicate water infiltration. After constructing the house, few homeowners go up the attic. Others have the impression that the area is haunted, so they never go up there.

What is the result of this? They don’t pick the problems when they are still in the early stage. For you to tell if your roof is in good shape, go up the attic at least twice a year. You will also determine whether it’s leaking.

While you are at it, keep the roof properly ventilated. Pay attention to the ventilation holes and ensure they are open and operating smoothly.

Inadequately installing moisture protection

To avoid leakages, you need to protect your home from moisture. Although shingles can do this, a layer of moisture protection provides additional protection. When you don’t install the layer, moisture tends to collect, which is harmful to your roof.

Hire an experienced roof repair Riverside CT expert to install a high-quality moisture protection material that will provide optimum home protection.

Some people make the mistake of attempting the project on their own. Unless you have the skills, don’t do the work as you will mess it up.

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