Roofing Contractors: Roof Maintenance Tips

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Roof installation is expensive thus you should take good care of it so that it lasts for as long as possible. To help you out, here are tips given by roofing contractors on how to take care of the roof:

Undertake regular inspections

This is one of the most important things you should do to your roof. At least twice a year (spring and fall) undertake a visual inspection of the roof. During the inspection, be on the lookout for:

  • Lifting or missing shingles
  • Missing or exposed fasteners
  • Damaged drip edge
  • Piles of granules
  • Sagging or broken gutters
  • Buckling, loose, or missing flashing

If you notice any problem, fix it as soon as possible. The last thing you want is the roof starting to leak, among many other problems.

Clean the gutters

This is a no-brainer. For you to keep the roof in top shape, contact a professional at least a number of times a year to clean the gutters. You should regularly clean the gutters especially when you live in areas that are prone to heavy storms.

When you clean the gutters, you ensure that water doesn’t get blocked thus you don’t put the house at the risk of leaking. When doing the cleaning, be on the lookout for sagging gutters or damaged drain components. If they have any issues, replace them.

Trim the troublesome trees

Almost every home has these trees. These are trees that always put your house at risk as they always look like they are going to fall. Are there leaning branches in your house? Get rid of them as soon as possible. You also should consider getting rid of the trees if you feel that they are dangerous to you and your family.

Remember that one good storm can send a tree crashing on your roof; therefore, you should take caution and get rid of it before it becomes a disaster.

Re-caulk the roof, if necessary

During the inspection, if you notice that the flashing isn’t holding the seal properly or as well as it’s supposed to, you should think about re-caulking it. When the flashing is coming apart, it means that low-grade caulking was used during the roof installation and it’s time to give it a facelift.

Re-caulking requires the expertise of an expert; therefore, you should hire a roofing expert to help you with the work.

Protect your roof from streaking

Streaking gives your roof a new color, which in most cases, doesn’t match with the house color thus giving your house an ugly look. Three things that cause streaking are mold, algae, and fungus. The cool thing is that you can prevent streaking from coming about.

You can do this by installing zinc strips such as shingle shield roof protector strips along the ridge of the roof. These strips prevent the mold from growing thus the roof retains its original color. It also tends to last for a long time as it isn’t damaged by the organisms.

Keep an eye on roof insulation

Proper insulation is integral for proper functioning and life of the roof. When the roof is properly insulated, you don’t have to worry about ice dams forming. The best way of insulating your house is to install a gap-free layer on the attic floor.

You also should install a vapor retarder under the insulation next to the ceiling. This is to prevent moisture from rising into the attic.

You also should consider having open, ventilated spaces that allow air to pass freely between the insulation and roof sheathing.

Fix the damaged areas

During the inspection, it’s common to come across damaged areas of the roof. For example, you might find that some shingles are missing. The flashing might also have come off.

When you notice a few minor issues that you can fix by yourself, you should go ahead and fix them. You should take care that you don’t cause more problems than were previously there.

Are the problems too big for you to handle? You have no way out other than to hire roof repair services Old Greenwich CT providers to help you with the fixing. For ideal results, ensure that the service providers you hire are certified and experienced enough.

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