Slate Roof Repair: When Does a Slate Roof Need Replacing?

slate roof repair

Slate is a popular roofing choice loved for its strong, weatherproof, and durable nature. We can say slate is an all-around excellent material. Unfortunately, despite it having many positives, it’s not immune to the ravages of age, harsh weather, and other factors.

And when it’s damaged, you have two options:

Repair or replace the roof. While many homeowners know they have to replace the roof at a certain point, many don’t know when to do it, so you will often hear them asking, when does a slate roof need replacing?

According to slate roof repair professionals, you should replace your roof when there are clear signs there is no other way out other to replace the roof. Some of the signs to look out for are:

Moisture in the attic or rafters

Soft and brittle roof tiles will absorb moisture and cause your roof to decay and rot. In most cases, by the time you notice moisture in the attic area, the slate is too damaged to salvage, and there is no other way out other than to replace it.

Damaged tiles

When you are outside, are there clearly damaged tiles? If more than 20% of the tiles are damaged, don’t try to repair the roof as it’s only a matter of time before the other tiles fail too. Simply replace the tiles.

Remember that water travels with gravity and to tell the extent of slate damage, get closer to the roof, and carefully inspect it.

If the tiles are flaking, powdery, soft, and delaminating, don’t even think about repairing them. Replace them straightaway.

Flaking and powdery slates are water absorbent, so you should move with haste and replace them before they crumble and bring down the entire roof.

The tiles have a dull sound.

Roofing inspection isn’t only about looking—you also need to touch the tiles. Locate a few tiles and give them a quick tap with your knuckle. If they sound resonant, chances are they aren’t water damaged yet. In most cases, the problem might have to do with nails that attach the slate tiles to the roof.

If the tiles have a dull sound, you have a reason to worry as they most likely have serious water damage.

Tips to consider when replacing your slate roof

Once you have determined it’s time to replace your slate roof, you should go ahead and find reputable roofing professionals to do the work.

In addition to the contractor being certified and experienced, he/she should also have an attractive personality. You will spend a substantial amount of time with the contractor, and the last thing you want is being trapped with someone you don’t like.

Hiring the right contractor isn’t enough. You need to ensure you are using high-quality materials. Of course, you should get high quality, modern slate roofing materials. If not sure about the right ones to go for, ask your roofing technician to guide you.

Before placing the roof, the contractor has to roll out the underlayment meant to provide an additional layer of protection from severe weather. For best results, ensure the underlayment is high quality too.

When it comes to nails, use copper nails. Avoid standard nails as they easily rust and fall apart after a couple of years, and as a consequence, the slate roof begins to loosen up and fall off the roof.

When buying the nails, ensure they aren’t too long that they penetrate through and out the other side and puncture the underlayment causing the water to seep into the attic space.

What is the best time to replace a slate roof?

The best time to do it is in summer as at this time you have a gentle climate. Also, most roofers Riverside CT aren’t too busy at this time, so you are more likely to get a bargain.

Avoid doing roof replacement in winter as the low temperature and weather will make the process too difficult to carry out. Also, avoid scheduling it in autumn as this is a busy season for roof replacement as many people are in a rush to fix their roofs before winter arrives.

Finding a roofer at this time is tricky, and when you find one, you have to pay a higher price than normal.

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