Slate Roofers: 7 Types Of Slate Roofs

slate roofers

The slate roof is loved by many people as it’s eco-friendly, durable, and when you properly install it, it greatly improves the appeal of the house. According to slate roofers, there are plenty of slate roof styles that you can go with. The most common ones being:

Standard slate roof

It’s the most common slate design that is made up of ¼”-3/8” slate length and width. The roof also has square cut butts. During the installation, the contractor lays the roof uniformly on spaced horizontal courses that have alternating vertical joints that are carefully aligned.

This roof is ideal for you when you are looking to create a more organized, clean, and clutter-free exterior design. For ideal results, ensure that the slates are installed by an expert.

Graduated slate roof

This is a traditional style of roof slating that is originally in the UK, Scotland, and Wales. In this style, the slates vary in both length and width, with the larger slates being closer to the eaves while the smaller slates being closer to the top of the roof.

According to roofing experts, this design comes about when the quarries produced slates on an available basis. They didn’t make the pieces in specific sizes. During this time, the roofer had to sort the slates by hand when they arrived at the work site.

When you install the longest and widest slates at the eaves, you are able to effectively divert the water away from your home. A properly constructed graduated slate roof shouldn’t show an obvious disconnect between the different sizes of slates.

Patterned slate roofs

A patterned slate roof incorporates a specific design or course that has a wide range of colors and shapes in the main design of the slate roof. The most important thing when you are creating this roof is creativity.

For a great look, you should incorporate geometric patterns, names, words floral patterns, and any other features that make the roof attractive.

Random width slate roof

A random width slate roof provides more texture and less uniformity than a standard slate roof. While the two roofs share a number of attributes, the random width slate roofs are often cut to one length while their thicknesses vary.

The slate tiles are often set in courses, where the local roofer inserts two slates on top of each other, creating an attractive textual effect. When you drop the lower slate and raise the slate at the top, you create a thicker texture and a staggering of exposed butts.

When you properly install this roof, you add style and sophistication to your home.

Textural slate roof

Here no slates go to waste. You use slates that have a rougher texture and thicknesses. You mix these slates, making a roof that stands out from the crowd. The effects of doing this is that you have a roof that has a rougher appearance. The roof might be appealing to some people but not to others.

You can install slates of a single size, random width, uniform color, multicolor, or graduated length.

Mixed color roof

From its name, this is a roof where you mix and match different slates of different colors. You mix the colors, giving your roof any color that you want. Here again, you need to be very creative for you to create a look that is pleasing to the eye.

Local roofers recommend this style of roofing when you are looking to make your home stand out.

Hang-down slate roof

Here you randomly install the longer slate tiles with the top laying in the same course line or higher while the additional length sticking out past the bottom of the other slates. As you might guess, this creates a hand down appearance.

You need to be cautious when installing this type of roof so that you don’t overdo it. As a rule of thumb, ensure that you hire expert roofing companies Riverside CT to help you out with it.

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