Why Is Roofing So Expensive? Roof Repair Experts Answer

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Since it doesn’t have moving parts or complex circuits, you might have the impression that a roof is easy and inexpensive to fix, but this isn’t the case. Roof repair or replacement doesn’t come cheap. Are you wondering, why is roofing so expensive? Here is are some of the reasons:

Good quality materials aren’t cheap.

The price of the most popular roofing material, asphalt shingles, has been going up over the years and it shows not signs of stopping. This is partly due to the ever-rising cost of oil. The price of the material is also heavily influenced by the growing demand for asphalt as every homeowner wants to have asphalt shingles in their home.

It’s not only the price of roofing material that is going up. The cost of related products is also on the rise. For example, the prices of lumber are on the rise, and since you need quality wood and trusses to complete your roofing project, your roofing costs also go up.

Even the cost of basic materials adds to the total cost. For example, cheap staples don’t provide the best results, so you have to go for galvanized steel roofing nails that come at premium prices.

The price of disposing of old and worn out pieces is also on the rise. If your roofing technician has to haul away your old, heavy shingles, they have to charge you more for the work as they also incur huge bills doing it.

Good workmanship doesn’t come cheap.

Buying the best and highest quality roofing materials isn’t enough—you also need to hire roofing technicians to handle the installation. From the title, good workmanship doesn’t come cheap. This is because the practice involves using precise measurements so you don’t have an insufficient overhang at the edges that would lead to water damage.

The contractors also have to spend time on the roof and ensure everything is in perfect shape as a sloppy mistake would lead to expensive leaks, mold, poor ventilation, and even collapse of the entire roof.

As you shouldn’t mince on the quality of roofing materials, you also shouldn’t mince on the quality of contractors you hire, as hiring the wrong one is extremely expensive.

You need insurance

You can’t spend an astronomical amount of money on the roof then leave it uninsured, can you? You need to protect your roof and the contractors working on it, and you do this using insurance.

You need to scout different insurance companies and compare their prices and premiums. Of course, get a cover that protects you the best against water, fire, and other factors.

Is it possible to reduce your roofing costs?

Due to the high costs involved with roofing, every homeowner is out looking for ways to reduce the roofing costs. Can you do it? Yes, you can. Here are some of the ways you can do it:

Take your time

What do most homeowners do when their roofs develop a problem, or when they are putting up a new house? They ask their colleagues to recommend a roofer they can hire. Others run to the internet and contact the first name that pops up on the first page of the search results. Don’t do this.

Take time to find an experienced contractor to help you understand the scoop of your project and the materials you need for the job. This way you make a proper budget.

The contractor doesn’t necessarily have to be cheap, but they should be highly experienced. It’s even better if they are insured. This way, you are sure they will provide perfect services, and you won’t redo the work. Working with an insured contractor also gives you peace of mind as you are sure liability won’t fall on you in the event of an accident.

Be good at timing

To save some money, avoid hiring the contractors when they are in high demand. Roofers are busiest in late summer and fall, so scheduling your roof project at this time will see you paying a premium. If possible, schedule the project in late spring or winter.

Do some of the work by yourself.

If you are a handy person, you can save some money by doing some work. For example, remove the old roofing before the roof repair services Riverside CT provider arrives.

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