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Roofing Projects

Specializing in residential roofing as a licensed residential roofer. Leon Roofing and Restoration tackles any type of roofing problem you may have. Including and not limited to chimney, brick repointing, slate roof repair and sweeping. Give us a call to find more about solutions to your roofing problems. Below are some recent projects we are proud to show.

Historic Building Restoration Contractors NY

30 Wall Street, Southampton, NY

This historic building was restored in 2007; we replaced the existing roof and floating recreational deck above the roof. Working alongside a house moving outfit we replaced; girders, the rotten exterior walls of the first and third floor, exterior wall sheathing on the whole building and installed a dry well system.

Owners: 30 Wall Street Associates

1 Dock Street, Stamford Ct

Repair brick façade, window lentils and sill, cut and re pointing mortar of joints.

Owners: Seaboard properties

Commercial Roofers Stamford CT

Flat Roofers in CT

St. Andrews Episcopal Church, Stamford, CT

A thorough restoration of the decaying Bell Tower, our company provided a temporary roof for the Bell Tower, we also repaired the limestone arch windows and brick façade. The bell was raised and new steel I beams we placed to support the 2,000.00 lbs. bell.

Stamford landing, Stamford, Ct.

Roof repairs maintenance and roof replacement on Paradise Restaurant building.  E.P.D.M. membrane.

Restaurant Roof Replacement in Stamford CT

Bonded Roof Membrane System

Brooklyn Atlantic Avenue Station

Provided a bonded roof membrane system during the renovation building of the new Station.


Leon Roofing & Restoration
understands that doing things right pays in the long run.  That is why we do not cut corners we will do what it takes to do the right job.

Leon Restoration is a full service exterior and interior contracting group that can handle every aspect of your commercial or residential construction project.
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